Custom Work

Who doesn’t want a one of a kind piece of jewelry to wear? Diamond & Gold Jewelers can make you a custom made piece that you can pass down for generations. Whether it be a mother’s ring, a unique pendant, or a bracelet, we can fabricate it.

We have a wide variety of styles that are in stock and ready to be custom modified for however you would like it. You can be the designer! Other designers sell thousands of the same ring to different stores. You are unique, have your jewelry be the same way.

Here we have one such example. A customer came in not knowing exactly the style of pendant he wanted to create. He had a piece of paper and sketched a few different designs, but nothing stood out till he drew a plumb bob style surveying tool. After choosing the diamond, our staff went to work molding the gold and findings to fit the design until it came out exactly as drawn.

This is a custom made mother’s bracelet. We started off with a plain gold cuff bracelet with a latch. The customer wanted diamonds to offset the colored stones for the birth months and chose a diamond infinity pendant. First, the pendant was flattened out using a press and then soldered onto the bracelet. After that, 3 heads were added to each side of the pendant. There were only 3 children, but since it was a bracelet it needed symmetry. After the heads were soldered on, the colored birthstones were mounted into the heads. Then you can see the final result being a one of a kind unique piece.