Repair Work

We can replace stones, solder rings together, rebuild worn down shanks, re-tip diamonds, re-size rings, and even full restoration of antique jewelry. Sometimes accidents happen. Whether a ring is stepped on, slammed in a car door, or gets caught on clothing, we can work to repair it like it was brand new.

With over 50 years of hands on experience, our master craftsmen can work to get your jewelry repaired just the way you want to it.

We can boast, but we can also back up what we say. Below are some examples of repair work that needed done and the before and after images.

Here, you can see a new shank we put on a customer’s ring. The shank is the bottom part of the ring that wraps around the finger. The previous shank that was attached to the customer’s ring when they came in has been cut off and is pictured next to the full shank that has been attached to the ring. No need to worry about this wearing thin ANYTIME soon.

If that shank was too heavy here is a detailed example of the restoration of an antique ring’s shank. You can see at the start the original shank has been worn paper thin. We rolled out a solid piece of 14 karat white gold to replace the existing shank. We cut off the original and soldered the new solid piece onto the ring. At that point we did not polish it so it may look grainy. After attaching it we rounded it out to match the shape of the shoulder and cleaned it off. You can see the difference in the original shank to the new one comparing top and bottom. Hard to tell this was not how the ring was originally. That’s our job.