Diamond & Gemstone Disclosure

We here at Diamond & Gold Jewelers take Diamond and Gemstones very seriously. If a stone has been altered in any way it is our duty to pass that information along to our customer. Disclosure of any alterations to diamonds or gemstones should be first and foremost. Below you’ll find information about terms we use and policies we follow and have in place to protect you.

AGTA Enhancement Codes

Some diamonds and gemstones have been enhanced for greater color or clarity and we want our customers to know what all that means because sometimes jargon can be confusing.

The America Gem Trade Association (AGTA) has established a set of codes for what gemstone descriptors can actually be used for. You can read more about the AGTA here.

  • Natural – The stone is not currently known to be enhanced in any way. It was mined and faceted without any treatment.
  • Genuine – The stone has been mined from the ground but may have undergone one or multiple of the following enhancements
    • Filling – The filling of surface-breaking cavities or fissures with colorless glass, plastic, solidified borax or similar substances.
    • Heating – The use of heat to effect desired alteration of color, clarity, and/or phenomena.
    • Imitation – A manufactured product fabricated in such materials as glass, ceramic, or plastic designed to imitate or resemble the appearance, but not duplicate the characteristic properties of a natural gemstone. This is also a code for a simulant, which is defined as man-made single crystal product that is used to simulate the appearance, but not duplicate the characteristic properties of the natural gemstone it imitates.
    • Oiling/Resin infusing – The filling of surface-breaking fissures with colorless oil, resin, wax, or other colorless substances.
    • Synthetic – Materials that have been essentially the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as naturally occurring counterpart.
    • Irradiation – The use of neutrons, gamma rays, or beta particles (high energy electrons) to alter a gemstone or diamonds color. The irradiation may be followed by a heating process.

No-Conflict Diamonds Policy

D&G Jewelers are committed to selling conflict-free, ethically sourced diamonds. We believe it is totally unacceptable to tolerate conflict diamonds and human suffering in any way.

All Diamonds sold by Diamond & Gold Jewelers comply with the Kimberly Process which ensures:

  • Exported and imported with a government-validated certificate stating the diamonds are conflict-free.
  • Transported between signatory countries in a sealed, tamper-proof container.
  • Sold with a statement from the seller on all invoices guaranteeing the diamonds sold are conflict-free.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds or LGD for short are increasing in popularity, offering consumers highly attractive price and quality options. But our industry and reputations suffer when distributors sell undisclosed lab-grown diamonds also known as ULGDs.

Our policy

D&G Jewelers does not tolerate undisclosed lab-grown diamonds in our inventory. As added security, we further require our suppliers to screen all diamonds for lab-grown diamonds. Every year our suppliers issue a notice to us informing us of their LGD policy. In addition D&G have LGD screening products to test the authenticity of diamonds. Any LGD that we sell are immediately disclosed in the item description in bold font.

Why do we do this? To protect you the customer. With LGD already 80-90% the cost of a comparable genuine diamond we want to make the customer know they can shop safely knowing their diamond will retain its value.

U.S. Patriot Act Compliance

All of our suppliers have provided verification stating their compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act.

If you have any questions regarding any store items or our compliance with any of the above, please contact us here or fill out our contact form here.